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The effect of pulsed high peak power electromagnetic field (Diapulse) on treatment of pressure ulcers is under investigation. 20 elderly patients, aged from 60 to 84, hospitalized with chronic conditions and bearing long-standing pressure ulcers, are subjected to Diapulse sessions (1-2 daily), parallel to conventional treatment. 5 patients undergo(More)
The effect of a 27.12 MHz pulsed electromagnetic field (Diapulse) on microbial growth is investigated. A strain of K 12 E. coli grown in complete Pennassay medium is subjected to Diapulse action for 30 min, at 8 hrs and 12 hrs of growth. In this experimental set-up, designed to be closed to the physiological conditions of open wounds, the Diapulse action(More)
The effect of Diapulse therapy (pulsed electromagnetic energy of 27.12 MHz frequency) on post-operative wound healing and plasma fibronectin concentration is investigated. Patients treated with Diapulse, locally and over hepatic area present higher fibronectin levels starting 3d day after surgery. These higher values correlate well with a clear improvement(More)
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