V. Jayaraman

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This paper discusses the design and the internal device physics of novel high-performance vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) emitting at 1.32 µm wavelength. Our VCSEL design features intra-cavity ring contacts, strain-compensated AlGaInAs quantum wells, and an AlInAs/InP tunnel junction. The tunnel junction is laterally confined forming an(More)
A technique for achieving large-scale monolithic integration of materials on a wafer has been developed. The simultaneous integration of lattice-mismatched materials in the vertical direction and dissimilar lattice-matched materials in the lateral direction can be achieved. The technique uses a single nonplanar direct-wafer-bond step to transform epitaxial(More)
Background. OTSCs are now available in the US for various indications. Methods. Retrospective review of OTSCs used from January 2011 to April 2012. Results. Twenty-four patients underwent placement of 28 OTSCs. Indications included postsurgical fistula, perforations, anastomotic leak, prophylactic closure after EMR, postpolypectomy bleeding,(More)
Gastric volvulus is a life threatening condition characterized by an abnormal rotation of the stomach around an axis. Although the first line treatment of this disorder is surgical, we report here a case of gastric volvulus that was endoscopically managed using a novel strategy. An 83-year-old female with a history of pancreatic cancer status(More)
Plastic surgery continues to maintain a prominent presence in the evolution of male genital reconstruction. In this case report, we are presenting a case of post-electric burn with a total loss of penis. Sustaining other major injuries following an electric burn with loss of right upper limb and extensive tissue damage to left upper limb, abdomen and both(More)
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