V. Jayan

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Controlled integration of features that enhance the analytical performance of a sensor chip is a challenging task in the development of paper sensors. A critical issue in the fabrication of low-cost biosensor chips is the activation of the device surface in a reliable and controllable manner compatible with large-scale production. Here, we report stable,(More)
The translation divergence is the problem pertained with the Transfer and Interlingua Machine Translation (MT) because it requires a large combination of complex lexical and structural mappings. Divergence makes straight forward transfer from source language to target language impractical. The main aim of the divergence study is to know the source and(More)
In this paper we are introducing a new method of word category disambiguation for Malayalam language. The proposed model is a supervised Machine learning system. It consists of a language model, which is trained by an annotated corpus of 10,000 words. This model checks the trigram possibility of occurrence of tag in the training corpus. To get better(More)
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