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In recent years, internet and computers have been utilized by many people all over the world in several fields. In order to come up with efficiency and up to date issues, most organizations rest their applications and service items on internet. On the other hand, network intrusion and information safety problems are ramifications of using internet. The(More)
Network and system security is of vital importance in the present data communication environment. Hackers and intruders can create many successful attempts to cause the crash of the networks and web services by unauthorized intrusion. New threats and associated solutions to prevent these threats are emerging together with the secured system evolution.(More)
Internet becomes very essential needs in today’s life because internet has become a public network world wide. The art of detecting inappropriate, incorrect, or anomalous activity is Intrusion Detection (ID). It is a security service which monitors and analyzes system events for finding, and creating a real-time or near real-time scenario, trials to access(More)
Data mining is one amid the core research areas in the field of computer science. Yet there is a knowledge data detection process helps the data mining to extract hidden information from the dataset there is a big scope of machine learning algorithms. Especially supervised machine learning algorithms gain extensive importance in data mining research.(More)
In Recent times, pharmaceutical companies are faced with the demanding tasks such as adjustments to the unstable and turbulent market in times of economic crisis as well as to meet the customer needs. The pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing in a current Good manufacturing practice (cGMP) environment has been slow to adopt the lean manufacturing unlike(More)
Neutrosophic logic has been applied to network intrusion processing problems recently. A novel approach for intrusion thresholding is proposed by defining neutrosophic set in network domain. Neutrosophic is applied to network processing by defining a neutrosophic domain. An intruders region growing are noticed based on neutrosophic logic is implemented for(More)
Nowadays it is a vital role to provide a high level security to protect highly sensitive and private data. A lot of work is required to be done in the field of application of AI techniques to the field of network security. Firewall alone is just not enough to protect a corporate network from all type of internal and external threats. It is beyond the limits(More)
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