V. Jagadeesh Kumar

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Trypanosoma evansi is the most extensively distributed trypanosome responsible for disease called surra in livestock in many countries including frequent outbreaks in India. The prevalence of this disease is most commonly reported by standard parasitological detection methods (SPDM); however, antibody ELISA is being in practice by locally produced whole(More)
Tropical forest is one of the great biodiversity repositories of the world ecosystem. Biodiversity is depleting very fast due to conversion of forest region into agricultural or other land use. Here comes the role of biodiversity assessment and evaluation of spatial data of species to prioritize the conservation purposes. Traditionally, ground-based plots(More)
Wertheim 's hysterectomy is likely to cause damage to innervation and anatomical support of the lower urinary tract. Urodynamic assessment was done in twenty patients of histopathologically proven cancer cervix who were about to undergo Wertheim's hysterectomy. The study was performed preoperatively, in the immediate postoperative period and six weeks after(More)
A sensitive rapid Gas Chromatography with mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method has been developed and validated for the determination of 1-Bromopropane content in Divalproex sodium drug substance. 1-Bromopropane has been considered as a potential genotoxic impurity. The lower level of detection was achieved on fused silica capillary column coated with 100%(More)
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