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This study assessed the cross-inventory generalizability of personality characterizations for Cattell's 16 PF and Gough's CPI. The univariate and multivariate relationships of these scales to their measures of impression management and general aptitude also were explored. Although many PF and CPI content scales and highly similar descriptions, all were(More)
A "customized" clinical typology of six types (for 10% to 30% of the sample each) was derived on 150 inpatient alcoholic veterans as part of a more comprehensive clinical research project. The types were derived on 18 variates, which included the 13 clinical and validity scales of the MMPI, 2 intellectual estimates, 2 perceptual estimates, and an employment(More)
This study tested for five higher-order dimensions hypothesized to be common to the Interpersonal Style (ISI) and the 16PF questionnaires. A sample of detoxified alcohol dependent inpatients (N = 50) were administered the ISI and the 16PF on two separate occasions. The 31 scale intercorrelations were analyzed by the method of principal axes. An oblique(More)
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