V. J. Miralles

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The Na+ -dependent L-glutamate transporters EAAT1(GLAST), EAAT2 (GLT-1) and EAAT3 (EAAC1) are expressed in primary astrocyte cultures, showing that the EAAT3 transporter is not neuron-specific. The presence of these three transporters was evaluated by RT-PCR, immunoblotting, immunocytochemical techniques, and transport activity. When primary astrocyte(More)
Chagas disease, caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, is a major parasitic disease that affects millions of people in America. However, despite the high impact of this disease on human health, no effective and safe treatment has been found that eliminates the infecting parasite from human patients. Among the possible chemotherapeutic targets that could(More)
Using HeLa cell nuclear extract as a source of the different transcription and polyadenylation factors and reverse transcription to analyze the levels of RNA 5' and 3' to the cleavage-polyadenylation site, an in vitro assay has been established to study polyadenylation coupled to transcription directed by different adenovirus promoters. The levels of(More)
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