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Vagal afferent fibres innervating thoracic structures such as the respiratory tract and oesophagus are diverse, comprising several subtypes of functionally distinct C-fibres and A-fibres. Both morphological and functional studies of these nerve subtypes would be advanced by selective, effective and long-term transduction of vagal afferent neurons with viral(More)
Tight junctions (TJ) are essential components of polarized epithelia, and E-cadherin is important for their formation and maintenance. The bronchial epithelial cell line, 16HBE14o-expresses E- and P-cadherin, but not N-cadherin. E- and P-cadherin levels changed during culture, the former increasing after confluence, and the latter were markedly reduced. All(More)
Epithelial intercellular adhesion is fundamental to the formation of the airway epithelial protective barrier. In this respect, cadherins are important because these adhesion molecules regulate formation and maintenance of epithelial intercellular junctions. To study the importance of airway epithelial integrity in determining susceptibility to virus(More)
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