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Digestive proteinases of various taxa of invertebrates of the Northern seas have been studied: crustaceans Paralithodes camtchaticus, Pandalus borealis; molluscs Chlamys islandicus, Buccinum undatum, Serripes groenlandicus, and echinoderms Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis, Cucumaria frondosa, Asterias rubens, and Grossaster papposus. The presence of two(More)
Enzymatic preparations from king crab hepatopancreas were shown to be capable, in principle, of producing protein hydrolysates. Hydrolysis of protein-containing waste of deep-water prawn and king crab occurs most successfully at pH 8.0-8.5 and 50-55 degrees C for 5-6 h in the presence of 6 g enzyme per kg substrate. The total chemical composition of the(More)
Heart failure (HF) is one of the most unfavorable consequences of the acute myocardial infarction (AMI), resulting in increased hospitalization level and mortality. The patients of advanced age constitute the major part among patients with HF due to AMI. In 123 patients a number of variables of the acute phase were investigated as potential predictors of(More)
Two various fractions have been formed on the sephadex G-200 from culture supernatants of the lymph nodes cells isolated in 6h after immunization of animals by various antigens. The first fraction possessed the main biological properties peculiar to the earlier described factor of the immune lymph nodes (FILN), intensified proliferation of cells of the(More)
A humoral mediator has been isolated from the population of lymph-node cells obtained at the peak of immune response. This factor facilitates the transition of "silent" antibody-forming cells into the functionally mature state. The action of this mediator is antigen-specific.
The purpose of the study was to define the parameters of intraoperative monitoring, which allowed the prediction of complications due to surgery for posterior cranial fossa in children and the planning postoperative treatment tactics. The hypnotic propofol and a combination of the narcotic analgesic fentanyl and alpha 2-adrenoblocker clofelin were used to(More)
The results of the study of the reactogenicity, safety and immunological activity of Russian cultural vaccine against hepatitis A are presented. The vaccine was found to have specific safety, moderate reactogenicity and pronounced immunological activity. In addition, the study of the prophylactic efficiency of the vaccine in the pre-epidemic period of the(More)