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Essential phospholipids (essentiale-forte) was used in combined therapy of 36 patients with pronounced circulatory insufficiency and hepatic dysfunction. A 4-6-week course of this treatment 6 weeks after its termination resulted in good subjective response, positive changes in hemodynamics, intrahepatic cholestasis, synthetic function of the liver and lipid(More)
The betatron B5M25 bremsstrahlung is formed only by a rectangularly shaped diaphragm, which results in excessive irradiation of healthy tissues surrounding the pathological focus. An appliance in the form of an additional diaphragm with inserted shaped units (blocks) fastened to the proper betatron diaphragm and permitting formation of a dose field in(More)
Time course of cellular and humoral immunity parameters in the course of ulcer defect healing was followed up in 47 patients with gastric ulcers. Immune status changes in these patient population were found dependent on the stage of ulcer defect healing, being the most manifest at the beginning of ulcer cicatrization and showing signs of immune system(More)
The paper presents the analysis of examination and treatment data on 80 patients with long-healing gastric ulcer (12 weeks or longer), of contributing factors (sex, age, ulcer site and size, smoking, alcohol abuse, associated diseases), of changes in the antral and fundal gastric mucosa as well as in immune system, of conservative treatment results.
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