V Ia Bondarev

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The results of diagnosis and treatment of the thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) in 35 patients have been analysed. Compression of the subclavicular neurovascular bundle at the site of its outlet from the thoracic cavity was most frequent cause of TOS development. A degree of compression was assessed quantitatively by the data of a modified functional dynamic(More)
The results of treating 147 patients with acute destructive pancreatitis are summarized. In the complex treatment of 48 patients, the external drainage of the thoracic duct (EDTD) was used, 36--EDTD in combination with lymphosorption (LS), 23--EDTD, LS, hemosorption (HS). It is established that the level of oligopeptides precisely reflects the severity(More)
In elderly and senile patients with acute cholecystitis, the decrease in the content of T-lymphocytes and their functional activity, number of B-lymphocytes and IgG level, increase in the IgM and IgA content were noted. The attenuation of non-specific protective mechanisms was revealed. In patients, who underwent the purposeful immunocorrection with(More)
Results of treatment of 78 patients, in whom atherosclerotic gangrene of lower extremity had occurred, were analyzed. There was proposed the method of the extremity amputation on level of femur, using two flaps, and apparatus for formation of cutaneomuscular flap as well, introduction of which have allowed to reduce frequency of purulent-septic(More)
There were 140 patients operated for the celiac trunk (CT) and renal arteries extravascular compression (FC) in diaphragmatic aorta segment. The clinical syndromes of chronic abdominal ischemia and vasorenal hypertension were depicted. The predisposing factors of CT EC is the patients' dolichomorphic constitution with epigastric angle of < or = 70 degrees.(More)