V I Stamov

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The material of the research were 63 patients operated on benign strictures and esophageal cancer in the RSCS after B.V. Petrovsky. We studied the occurrence and the character of postoperative complications, dependence on initial nutritive (alimentary) status and anesthesia techniques. The main postoperative complications were of respiratory system and(More)
The paper summarizes the experience with 245 anesthesias made in 1983 to 2002 during operations for malignant esophageal neoplasms and cardioesophageal cancer. The specific features of the perioperative period, monitoring of the function of vital viscera, the technical features of transhiatal esophagectomy, risk factors of postoperative complications and(More)
The paper presents the results of the limited multicenter sevoflurane study initiated by Abbott Lab, which was conducted in 2006. The study was undertaken to examine the efficacy and safety of sevoflurane in various anesthesia modes in patients (ASA I-III) with surgical diseases during surgical interventions into abdominal and thoracic organs and lower(More)
UNLABELLED Stress-damage of upper gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) mucous membrane and gastro-intestinal hemorrhage (GIH) increase the lethality of patients in the departments of reanimation and intensive care unit. The purpose of this study is to evaluate effectiveness and safety of pantoprazole use in patients with at least one risk factor of upper GIT(More)
The efficiency and safety of use of average-acting nondepolarizing myorelaxants, such as atracurium, vecuronuim, rocuronium, and cisatracurum, during abdominal surgical interventions under general anesthesia (combined or total intravenous anesthesia) were investigated in 162 patients. There is evidence that the use of the above agents ensures a qualitative(More)
UNLABELLED We evaluated the Intubating Laryngeal MAsk (ILMA Fastrach) efficacy for airway management, ventilation and blind intubation in obese and overweight patients. Methods. 50 adult patients (22 men and 28 women) with predicted difficult trachea intubation (PDTI), undergoing general anaesthesia with ILMA were included in this study. ILMA was selected(More)
The paper discusses the theoretical background and practical rationale for a concept of pre-emptive analgesia. It gives the results of studying the efficacy of lornoxicam that outstrips the infliction of a surgical injury in different anesthesia modes (combined total and intravenous combined multicomponent anesthesia with epidural block). A hundred(More)
Cholinesterase blockers are widely used in various fields of clinical medicine. In anesthesiology they are used for the means of decurarisation, as well as for performance of central segmental blockades. In recent years, along with the most frequently used neostigmine again an opportunity arose to use the well-known galantamine. A brief overview of the(More)
Clinical trials of a new anesthetic Recofol were carried out. This analog of well-known drug diprivan is characterized by a predominantly hypnotic effect. The effect of recofol on hemodynamics, gas exchange, and EEG was studied in 30 clinical trials during anesthesia for bronchoscopic manipulations and operations on the abdominal and thoracic organs,(More)
Examinations were made in 105 patients who had undergone total intravenous anesthesia on the basis of the immune circulating components (ICC) of propofol by different pharmacokinetic models--Marsh and Schnider, by aiming at plasma or an effector zone. Along with good controllability of ICC-anesthesia, with theoretical and practical differences of the(More)