V. I. Naidenko

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Evolution of electromagnetic waves, despite their use for more than century, is still not known. It was written much about poor understanding of the nature of electromagnetic waves. For example, Nobel Prize R. Feynman [1] writes: "… I must confess that we did not know what is actually allocated to the electromagnetic field energy." In a(More)
The concept of active and reactive energy of electromagnetic waves are introduced to the scientific circulation and complete the formation of concepts of the wave theory as a section of electrodynamics. Algorithm for separation of active and reactive energy of electromagnetic waves is mathematically and physically justified. Importance of such separation of(More)
Closure equation, witch takes into account both the dispersion and amplitude properties in both regions of open comb, was obtained. On the basis of the closure equation the bilateral approximations were theoretically justified for the eigen waves of open comb. Regularities for the numbers of accountable space harmonics, using the system of certain order for(More)
A plane H-polarised electromagnetic wave propagates in the x-direction on a periodic stratified dielectric structure with a period a. A diagonal tensor describes the permittivity of strata. Fields with electric walls in planes of symmetry x = /spl plusmn/a/4 can be found from dispersion equations. The dispersion equation for fields with magnetic walls in(More)
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