V. I. Mil'chakov

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Lipid peroxidation processes (malonic dialdehyde, parameters of induced Fe(2+)-chemiluminescence) have been studied in 22 patients operated on for diseases of the lungs and mediastinum and 15 patients subjected to heart surgery for ischemic disease. It has been shown that the severity of the disease depends on the activity of lipid peroxidation and the(More)
Experimental transplantation of the heart after preservation for different periods in St. Thomas solution showed that recovery of aerobic metabolism during reperfusion is impaired in the transplant weakened by ischemia because of activation of free-radical oxygen-dependent processes. Functional disorders were reversible after preservation for up to 4 h and(More)
Fifty five patients with coronary heart disease were examined. Of them 10 patients underwent multiple aortocoronary bypass surgery using intrathoracic or radial arteries under natural circulation, 45 had the same surgery under extracorporeal circulation (ECC). In the patients operated on without ECC, increases in active oxygen forms were rather moderate and(More)
Forty-three patients operated on under conditions of aortocoronary bypass were examined. In 29 of them continuous circulation of cold solution in pericardial cavity was combined with antegrade cardioplegia. In 14 routine technique of external myocardial cooling with snow and antegrade crystalloid cardioplegia was employed. Intensive external cooling of the(More)
6. V.V. Fro l 'k i s , K. I. Kul'ehitskii, V. I. Mil'ko, et al., The Coronary Circulation and Experimental Myocardial Infarction [in Russian] , Kiev (1962). 7. I .K . Shkhvatsabaya and Z. Z. Dorofeeva, Kardiologiya, No. 5, 5 (1974). 8. S. Barker and W. Summerson, J. Biol. Chem., 138, 535 (1941). 9. K. Mitsunami, S. Kato, and S. Kawakita, J. Mol. Cell.(More)
24 patients with chronic lower limb ischemia were examined during arterial reconstructive surgery and on the first postoperative day. The parameters of acid-base balance, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system were measured in arterial and venous blood to determine laboratory criteria of the reperfusion syndrome. The arteriovenous oxygen difference(More)
In rabbits with experimental myocardial infarction, the combined use of hyperbaric oxygenation and ionol greatly potentiated the effect of the antioxidant on contractile function of the left ventricle, the time course of antioxidant lipid activity and superoxide dismutase activity of the myocardium.
Halothane impact on cerebral blood flow, brain metabolism and its protective effect in ischemia have been assessed in 30 patients operated on for the occlusion of brachiocephalic arteries. The data obtained indicate that additional use of halothane in N2O:O2 anesthesia during reconstructive surgery on brachiocephalic arteries makes it possible to enhance(More)
The study was performed on 47 patients with ischemic heart disease subjected to aortocoronary bypass surgery. The study has revealed adaptation changes of free-radical blood properties that led to the damage of the myocardium by oxygen free radicals. Blood sampling from the coronary sinus is of greatest diagnostic value, enhancement of antiradical(More)
Changes in the contractility of rabbit myocardium following administration of diethyl dithiocarbamate were studied to determine the role of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in cardiac support function. It was observed that in healthy rabbits, a 50% decrease in the left ventricle SOD level induced by the inhibitor was not followed by any considerable disturbances(More)