V I Khizhnyak

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A high current, multi charged, metal ion source using electron heating of vacuum arc plasma by high power gyrotron radiation has been developed. The plasma is confined in a simple mirror trap with peak magnetic field in the plug up to 2.5 T, mirror ratio of 3-5, and length variable from 15 to 20 cm. Plasma formed by a cathodic vacuum arc is injected into(More)
For the application of gyrotron to accurate measurement of DNP-NMR, frequency continuous tunability is desired in 2 GHz range at least. The demountable Gyrotron FU CW VI tube based on 15 T helium free superconducting magnet are under development. The gyrotron operation is in CW mode at the fundamental cyclotron harmonic. The output power is 100 W in the(More)
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