V. I. Belyaev

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The work of Cresci te l l i [11] has shown that a conduction block developing as a resul t of cocaine on the sciat ic nerve in the frog is intensified in the NaC1 concentration in the solution is low. These findings were subsequently confirmed by Condouris [10] in experiments on nerve trunks deprived of their per i neural membranes . This worker also showed(More)
The effect of procaine on generation of the action potential and its derivative in solutions with different pH values was studied in experiments on single Ranvier nodes. Minimal concentrations of procaine depressing the action potential were increased in solutions with low pH and reduced in solutions with high pH. The calculated concentrations of the basic(More)
Experiments were performed on single nerve fibers ofRana temporaria. The changes in the value and the form of action potential (AP) proved to be similar both in a low-sodium medium and in a Novocain solution. The action of a dc anode on the node of Ranvier in a low-sodium medium caused only an insignificant rise of the AP amplitude but restored the AP(More)
  • E. G. Vornovitskii, V. I. Belyaev
  • 2004
A single node of Ranvier of the isolated nerve fiber in frogs becomes unable to generate action potentials as a result of t reatment with immune T-globulin isolated from the serum of a rabbit immunized with frog skeletal muscle tissue. After exhaustion of the serum with antigen the ~/-globulin caused vir tually no change in the amplitude of the action(More)
The duration of action potentials of motor units (MU) of the gastrocnemius and tibialis muscles was studied in patients with spinal cord trauma by the method of local electromyography. The duration of action potentials of gastrocnemius MU was found to be reduced on average by 27%, and of tibialis MU by 38% of the age norm. The degree of shortening of the(More)
The effect of changes in pH of the medium from 4 to 10 on the action potential and its first derivative was studied at the original resting potential and during hyperpolarization of the membrane in experiments on single nodes of Ranvier. Raising the pH of the medium from 7 to 9 led to a decrease in amplitude of the action potential and of its derivative(More)
The purpose of the investigation was to determine the effect of the combined antibacterial drug Fenitil on the integral indices of vital functions of animals. It was established on white mice and rats that the drug in various doses doesn’t have a negative effect on integral indices (behavior, compensatory adaptive capabilities, gastrointestinal(More)
  • T. T. Daurova, I. Ya. Zhigalkina, V. I. Belyaev
  • 2004
It was shown that the functional state of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall can be restored, as reflected in the parameters of their electrical activity, after prolonged atrophy due to a giant ventral hernia. A fuller recovery of the electromyographic indices is found if the anterior abdominal wall is reinforced with synthetic prosthetic material,(More)