V. I. Andrianov

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The effective quark models with quasilocal interaction are used for description of two composite Higgs doublets, in strong coupling (tricritical) regime below the compositeness scale ΛC . The low energy effective action of Two-Higgs Doublet Standard Model (2HD SM) is obtained in the large Nc and large-log approximation. The two-point correlators of scalar(More)
The structure of membrane-active antibiotic cyclodecapeptide gramicidin S in the crystals of its complex with urea, C(60)H(92)N(12)0(10).0.(5)[(NH(2))(2)CO].7.94H(2)0, has been investigated with three-dimensional X-ray data by the automatic sequential approximation method. The crystals are trigonal, space group P3(1)21, a = 25.80(3), c= 21.49 (2) A, M(r) =(More)
The paper presents the results of repeated investigations in the tick relapsing fever nidus (TRF) conducted after a ten-year interval in Gava settlement situated in the foothill area of the Namangan Province of Uzbekistan. A considerable deterioration in the habitat conditions of the vector, Ornithodoros papillipes Bir., due to the intensified anthropogenic(More)
The spectra of masses and decay constants for non-strange meson resonances in the energy range 0–2.5 GeV is analyzed. It is known from meson phenomenology that for given quantum numbers these spectra approximately follow linear trajectories with a universal slope. These facts can be understood in terms of an effective string description for QCD. For light(More)
We derive the dimensional non-perturbative part of the QCD e ective action for scalar and pseudoscalar meson elds by means of chiral and conformal bosonization. The related structural coupling constants L5 and L8 of the chiral lagrangian are estimated using general relations which are valid in a variety of chiral bosonization models without explicit(More)
The effective quark models are employed to describe the hadronization of QCD in the quark sector. They reveal a different structure depending on how the spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking (CSB) is implemented. When the generation of light pseudoscalar mesons is manifestly incorporated one deals with an extension of the chiral quark model (CQM) with the(More)