V. I. Agaphonov

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A pectic polysaccharide was isolated from the rhizomes of Acorus calamus L. The main component of its carbohydrate chain was represented by residues of D-galacturonic acid (>85%). In addition, this polysaccharide contained residues of galactose, arabinose, xylose and rhamnose (<10%). Structural analysis of pectic polysaccharide from A.calamus L. with NMR(More)
Were studied the effects of water-soluble plant polysaccharides isolated from pharmacopoeic raw material on anaphylactic shock and production of IgE and IgG1 by lymphocytes from mice immunized with ovalbumin. Course treatment with polysaccharides from coltsfoot, sweet flag, clover, Artemisia, marigold, and elecampane reduced animal mortality after induction(More)
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