V Hernándo-Rico

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The interaction between the acidic exopolysaccharides produced by two Bradyrhizobium strains and several metal cations has been studied. Aqueous solutions in the millimolar range of Fe but not of Fe precipitated the exopolysaccharides from Bradyrhizobium (Chamaecytisus) strain BGA-1 and, to a lesser extent, Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 110. The(More)
The first two genes of the lysine pathway are closely linked forming a transcriptional operon in the cephamycin producer 'Amycolatopsis lactamdurans'. The asd gene, encoding the enzyme aspartic semialdehyde dehydrogenase, has been cloned by complementation of Escherichia coli asd mutants. It encodes a protein of 355 aa with a deduced M(r) of 37109. The ask(More)
The first two genes pcbAB and pcbC of the penicillin biosynthesis pathway are expressed from a 1.01-kilobase bidirectional promoter region. A series of sequential deletions were made in the pcbAB promoter region, and the constructions with the modified promoters coupled to the lacZ reporter gene were introduced as single copies at the pyrG locus in(More)
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