V Heidet

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The present study examined the effects of the impairment of corticostriatal and nigrostriatal dopaminergic transmission on the mean number and the topographical distribution of somatostatin-containing neurons in frontal sections of the rat rostral striatum. These neurons, visualized by an immunohistochemical method using a specific anti-somatostatin(28)(More)
Somatostatin (SRIF) actions in the brain and pituitary are mediated by specific receptors. Using radioiodinated ligands it has been possible to characterize the kinetics of specific binding sites in the brain and pituitary, and to determine their cellular localization by autoradiography. At the pituitary level, the inhibition of growth hormone, prolactin(More)
Ontogenesis of somatostatin (SRIF) neurons and receptors was studied in fetal hypothalamic cell cultures kept in serum-free medium, and compared to the in vivo developmental pattern. Initial rise in neuronal content of SRIF occurred later in vitro than in vivo. In vitro, K(+)-induced SRIF release was only present after synaptogenesis. SRIF binding sites(More)
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