V. Hastagiri Prakash

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Our attention is focused on designing an optimal procurement mechanism which a buyer can use for procuring multiple units of a homogeneous item based on bids submitted by autonomous, rational, and intelligent suppliers. We design elegant optimal procurement mechanisms for two different situations. In the first situation, each supplier specifies the maximum(More)
— Extracting multilevel association rules in transaction databases is most commonly used tasks in data mining. This paper proposes a multilevel association rule mining using fuzzy concepts. This paper uses different fuzzy membership function to retrieve efficient association rules from multi level hierarchies that exist in a transaction dataset. In general,(More)
The image data compression has been an active research area for image processing over the last decade [1] and has been used in a variety of applications. This paper investigates the implementation of Low Power VLSI architecture for image compression, which uses Variable Length Coding method to compress JPEG signals [1]. The architecture is proposed for the(More)
The frequent traffic jams at major junctions call for an efficient traffic management system in place [1,2].The resulting wastage of time and increase in pollution levels can be eliminated on a city-wide scale by these systems [2]. The paper proposes to implement a smart traffic controller using real time image processing. The image sequences from a camera(More)