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Image processing applications (IPA) requirements can be best met by using the distributed environment. The authors had developed an environment over a network of VAX/VMS and Unix for distributed image processing. The efficiency was as high as 90-95%. This paper presents an augmentation and generalization of the environment using Java and web technology to(More)
Grid computing is viewed as a strong alternative to traditional supercomputers and mainframes. Grid computing is expanding its horizon to replace the current Internet as well as to address issues related to data sharing, collaboration, security, economics, and so forth. We treat a grid as a single global computer for a given community connecting all types(More)
Grid computing is emerging as the next generation computing environment. Various meta-computing and distributed computing environments are becoming grid compliant with the aim of achieving interoperability. We have developed a web-based development environment for distributed computing that supports heterogeneous resources and provides ease of use. We(More)
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