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Considered is the optimal processing of multisensory information to maintain body orientation in the human. It is supposed that the orientation is performed by a system of angular stabilization with only small deviations from the equilibrium believed to be coincided with the local vertical. The linear transformation is determined which minimizes the square(More)
The mode of symmetrical position-related otolith influences modified the parameters of optokinetic nystagmus in pigeons. The symmetry of temporonasal-nasotemporal responses was due to increase in the NT-stimulation efficiency. The parameters of optokinetic nystagmus seems to depend on the direction of the otolith membrane shifts.
The possible relative importance of the membrane and intracellular peptidases of the enterocytes in splitting dietary peptides to amino acids has been analysed. On the anoxic criterion, membrane hydrolysis was found to be predominant. Model experiments revealed cooperative interactions between the membrane enzyme and the coupled transport system. This(More)
Using a mathematical modeling technique, possible spatial mechanisms of processing information by the ampullae of Lorenzini were investigated in the skate during detection of the dipole electric field corresponding in the first approximation to the bioelectric fields of marine vertebrates and invertebrates. Stationary voltage distribution in the(More)
Using microcaloric stimulation of semicircular canals of the frog vestibular apparatus parameters of orientation sensitivity of the receptive fields of the cerebellum Purkinje cells towards angle accelerations were studied. A change of this sensitivity depending on the value of acting angle acceleration was shown.
Possible space mechanisms of information conversion processes with Lorenzinian ampullary apparatus during detection of the dipole electric field were studied using mathematical modelling methods. The stationary voltage distribution in the nonuniform media was calculated by numerical methods. The skate body was simulated by a thin disk. If the dipole axis(More)