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PURPOSE Mucin-related antigens are abundantly expressed by the cells of the normal human conjunctiva. The pattern of these antigens in pterygium, and especially the role of Galbeta1-3GlcNAc alpha2,3-sialyltransferase (ST3Gal III), sialyltransferase necessary to build the sialyl-Le(a) (Lewis(a)) antigen, were studied. METHODS Immunoperoxidase staining was(More)
PURPOSE To compare Nd:YAG laser rates following implantation of AcrySof(®) SN60WF (Alcon), Akreos(®) AO-MI60 (Baush & Lomb), and Hoya(®) YA-60BB (Hoya) intraocular lenses. METHODS This retrospective study was conducted at three French centers with each implanting at least two of the three implants. Included patients had undergone uncomplicated cataract(More)
Half a century ago, bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis and syphilis were thought to cause the majority of cases of uveitis. Nowadays, a number of infectious diseases are responsible for uveitis. In our countries, herpes virus and toxoplasmosis are the principal causes of uveitis. Furthermore, because specific antimicrobial therapy can be curative and(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the accuracy and the reproducibility of central corneal thickness measurements using an ultrasound pachymeter, and its usefulness in clinical practice. METHODS We calculated the intra-observer, inter-observer, and inter-session variability in control subjects (n = 38). We observed the diurnal variation (n = 8) and the role of surgery(More)
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