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—This paper reviews many design issues and analysis techniques for the brushless permanent-magnet machine. It reviews the basic requirements for the use of both ac and dc machines and issues concerning the selection of pole number, winding layout, rotor topology, drive strategy, field weakening, and cooling. These are key issues in the design of a motor.(More)
This paper considers communication network design problems that arise in the real world, with large numbers of nodes-and link and switch costs dependent upon their traffic capacity. Such costs, in turn, depend upon network topology so are not fixed at the start of, or through, any optimisation process. Realistic topological restrictions are also discussed.(More)
Despite the current enormous hype and popularity of Grid Computing environments like Amazons EC2 or Microsoft's Windows Azure, there exist open-source and free of cost software frameworks which allow to create high performance computing installation by means of Public Resource Computing (PRC). One PRC framework is BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for(More)
This paper describes a novel approach to program script generation. The goals are twofold: to allow a number of different software packages to be implemented together and to permit a user with little or no programming skill to produce executable code. The principles and requirements of such a system are discussed and an outline approach is suggested. A case(More)
With an increasing amount of information available, users find it difficult to obtain the most relevant Web pages from the large number returned by search engines. This is particularly true if users have more than one interest and require information spanning several of them. In this paper, we present an improved adaptive neural fuzzy network providing an(More)
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