V. Govindasamy

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In a real-time application scenario, the proposed Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic (PFL) approach can be implemented in various applications such as health care, stock trading, click stream analysis, retail and supply chain management. This work analyses stock trading due to its high non-linear, uncertain and dynamic data over time. Therefore, this paper presents(More)
Mobile Adhoc Network is a progressively self-adjusting nodes of mobile devices connected without any wires and non-defined infrastructure. The advent of Mobile Adhoc Network is widely applied in Personal Area Networking (PAN), military applications and administering some critical applications such as army-war relief and remote explorations. The set of(More)
Big data refers to several collections of data sets so large and difficult that it becomes complex to process using traditional information giving out applications. The issues include study, confine, curation, investigate, division, storage space, convey, image, and confidentiality violation. The characteristics of big information are volume, velocity,(More)
A large open source project consists of a wide range of bug reports. In open source project, bug reports are available and these reports can be modified by anyone. Bugs are software defects whose prediction is highly difficult. To detect the bugs, machine learning classifier has been proposed. It segregates the bug reports and developers and it learns the(More)
In the recent years, there is a massive surge in real-time data owing to the growing number of distributed software applications that continuously generates a large volume of data streams. These applications utilize new hardware technologies and data collection methods that inherently produce uncertain data. The Complex event processing (CEP) is a crucial(More)
To create a sentimental analysis tool for opinion mining of social media data. Information available from social networks is beneficial for analysis of user opinion, for example measuring the feedback on a recently released product, movie or a MOOC, policy change or ongoing events. Using Social network APIs, Python NLTK, automatic collection of a corpus for(More)
The Harmony Search (HS) method is an emerging metaheuristic optimization algorithm, which has been employed to cope with numerous challenging tasks during the past decade. In this paper, the essential theory and applications of the HS algorithm are first described and reviewed. Several typical variants of the original HS are next briefly explained. As an(More)
Complex Event Processing (CEP) is the most favorable platform to build and execute multiple numbers of real-time applications. This paper briefly describes about Web Data Extraction method. It has been implemented on multiple online shopping portals to extract the data in a structured way. Complex Event Processing method has been implemented over the(More)
This paper proposes a prediction system named as PECEP. PECEP is based on Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Probabilistic Fuzzy Logic (PFL). CEP is event processing that combines data from multiple sources to infer events or patterns that suggest more complicated circumstances. The main aim of CEP is to identify meaningful events such as opportunities or(More)