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Periodontal disease (PD) and atherosclerosis are both polymicrobial and multifactorial and although observational studies supported the association, the causative relationship between these two diseases is not yet established. Polymicrobial infection-induced periodontal disease is postulated to accelerate atherosclerotic plaque growth by enhancing(More)
Call Admission Control (CAC) schemes based on guard channel are widely used to protect handoff calls for seamless wireless services. In this paper, we propose a guard channel based CAC scheme where new calls arrive in batches. A fixed number of guard channels are reserved for handoff calls. The main objective of our proposed scheme is to alleviate the new(More)
The forced termination probability is an important measure in the performance evaluation of wireless communication networks. This paper proposes a new handoff queueing scheme that handles the channels reserved for handoff calls depending on the current status of the queue. This mechanism of queuing handoff priority scheme effectively reduces forced(More)
In Cloud Computing, the virtualization of IT infrastructure enables consolidation and pooling of IT resources so they are shared over diverse applications to offset the limitation of shrinking resources and growing business needs. Cloud Computing is a way to increase the capacity or add capabilities dynamically without investing in new infrastructure,(More)
The "carcinogenic" betel nut and constituents of betel quid were tested for possible mutagenicity in Drosophila. The test compounds were administered either alone or in combinations by larval feeding. The data on sex-chromosome loss, sex-linked recessive lethals and autosomal translocations suggest lack of mutagenicity.
This paper illustrates a channel sub-rating allocation policy for finite population cellular system. In this policy, certain channels are permitted to transiently divide into two channels at half the original rate to adapt handoff calls. As a result, one half can be employed to serve the existing call and the other half to serve the handoff request so that(More)
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