V. Gopalakrishna

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Performance evaluation of failure-prone manufacturing systems is of significant practical interest. In this paper, we consider the parametric sensitivity analysis of manufacturing systems producing multiple part types. This involves transient analysis of the Markov model of the system and computation of the derivative of the cumulative throughput with(More)
This paper is an exhaustive review summarizing the results, observations and findings of the renowned researchers in the domain of Web Service Discovery. After extensive scavenging on the Internet, we felt that there is a paucity of good quality survey papers, which can help, provide directions to a researcher looking for a fertile area to explore in the(More)
Service Oriented Computing (SOC) is the fast emerging successor of the Object Oriented Computing design paradigm. Web Services technology, which is considered as an implementation of the SOC model, has had an incredible acceptance but tumultuous growth. This apparent chaos is due to its inherent lack of flexible cooperation strategies, generic service model(More)
Computer Network Monitoring is an evergreen field of challenges. The recent advent of Cloud Computing, in the realm of ‘New Generation Networks’, opens a whole new field of envisaging and implementing at least two of its aspects, namely ‘Software as a Service(SaaS)’and ‘Platform as a Service(PaaS)’ in the field of(More)
More than a decade ago, MA(Mobile Agents) were introduced for NM(Network Management) of distributed computer networks in tandem with the design paradigm of Code- Shipping the agents to remote node, where they are programmed to collect, analyze and process data locally. However, even today, most networks employ SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), an(More)
In our ongoing research work, we focus on how to amalgamate technology with organic farming. In this paper, we present a case study of using temperature sensor-actuators to monitor the temperature of the habitat of the worms used for vermiculture, a very vital stream in the realm of organic farming. ‘Vermiculture’ meaning artificial rearing or(More)
This paper presents the development, key features, and the implementation principles of a sustainable and scaleable knowledge management system (KMS) prototype for creating, capturing, organizing, and managing digital information in the form of Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents and other popular file formats. It is aimed to provide a platform for(More)
[1] This paper discusses the use of Jason-2 radar altimeter measurements to estimate the Ganga-Brahmaputra surface freshwater flux into the Bay of Bengal for the period mid-2008 to December 2011. A previous estimate was generated for 1993–2008 using TOPEX-Poseidon, ERS-2 and ENVISAT, and is now extended using Jason-2. To take full advantages of the new(More)
This Event-Condition-Action(ECA) rule description language for Web Services(named WS-ECA) is the latest buzzword in the realm of autonomous, intelligent Agent Based Web Service Oriented Computing (AWSOC). This rule description language supports interactions among service oriented, heterogeneous devices in a pervasive computing environment. It is based on(More)