V Giovino-Barry

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Manipulation of CD2 molecules with CD2 mAb pairs has been shown to deliver apoptotic signals to activated mature T cells. We show that BTI-322, a CD2 mAb directed at a peculiar epitope of CD2, can trigger on its own the apoptotic death of IL-2-activated peripheral T cells and of OKT3-stimulated T cells, contrasting in this respect with a series of other(More)
We previously demonstrated in lactating mice a six- to eightfold increase in the intestinal uptake of the dietary protein, ovalbumin (OVA), administered by gavage. In this study, we tested the possibility that alterations in intestinal morphology, transit time, reduced luminal proteolysis, and enhanced association with the intestinal surface might account(More)
We describe here the potent specific immunosuppression obtained in vitro by LO-CD2a, a rat mAb directed against the human CD2 molecule. Addition of low dose LO-CD2a (40 ng/ml) at the time of mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC) initiation inhibits 80% of the proliferation and, more impressive, addition of the mAb 4 days after culture initiation at a similar(More)
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