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A parallel algorithm operating on the units ('neurons') of an artificial retina is proposed to recover depth information in a visual scene from radial flow fields induced by ego motion along a given axis. The system consists of up to 600 radii with fewer than 65 radially arranged neurons on each radius. Neurons are connected only to their nearest neighbors,(More)
CONTEXT Breathlessness is a distressing symptom in advanced disease. Understanding its patterns, burden, and palliative care (PC) needs over time is important to improve patients' quality of life. OBJECTIVES To describe and compare the courses of refractory breathlessness, functional status, distress, and PC needs in patients with advanced chronic(More)
Chirurgische Eingriffe unter Lokalanästhesie finden nicht selten ihre Limitationen in der individuellen Compliance und Belastbarkeit des Patienten. Eine Alternative zur Behandlung unter Sedierung oder Allgemeinnarkose könnte die Anwendung von Hypnose darstellen. Nachdem ein einjähriger klinischer Einsatz des Verfahrens in unserer Klinik interessante(More)
BACKGROUND Episodic breathlessness is one form of refractory breathlessness. Better understanding of the symptom is necessary for effective management. AIM The aim was to describe the characteristics of episodic breathlessness in patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or lung cancer. DESIGN This is a longitudinal cohort study.(More)
In the May edition of The Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Tandheelkunde the editorial commentary was devoted to the question to what extent the treatment of periodontitis in patients with diabetes mellitus is worthwhile. B.G. Loos, W.J. Teeuw, V. Gerdes and F. Abbas offer a response to this commentary and argue that the treatment of periodontitis in patients(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical treatment under local anesthesia is commonly restricted by limited compliance of patients. Hypnosis may represent an alternative to sedation or general anesthesia. As the procedure demonstrated promising prospects during 1-year experience, the observed hypnosis-induced effects are now being evaluated in clinical studies. PATIENTS AND(More)
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