V. G. Sridhar

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In any manufacturing process, design is the first step where most of the important decisions are made which affects the final cost of the product. In this paper the researchers have used Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) to redesign a fluid flow control valve and optimized its design to ensure the reduced number of parts, safety, reliability,(More)
The performance of Fingerprint recognition system depends on minutiae which are extracted from raw fingerprint image. Often the raw fingerprint image captured from a scanner may not be of good quality, which leads to inaccurate extraction of minutiae. Hence it is essential to preprocess the fingerprint image before extracting the reliable minutiae for(More)
and many other individuals at Wipro for their significant commitment of time and effort, which made this project possible. I also thankABSTRACT What is the source of organizational capabilities? This paper examines one potential source bringing together conceptual streams from strategy and organizational theory on the determinants of learning to examine how(More)
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