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Poisoning with phosphacol causes dose--dependent decrease of blood flow speed in small vessels of mesoappendix. Administration of LD50 of phosphacole results in blood stagnation, simultaneous blood pressure fall, which leads to death of part of the animals. Electron microscopic study revealed the presence of acetyl and buthyryl cholinesterase in(More)
The character of neurons and interrelations among them in submucous plexus were found to change along the digestive tract in lower vertebrates. The plexus looks like a network of ganglion-like structures composed of different number of cells. Specific feature of the plexus involves the absence of a regular ganglionic structure which seems to characterise a(More)
Exposure to some bioactive factors is known to induce changes in erythrocyte shape in animals. Bearing in mind that cholinesterase (CE) is present in erythrocytes and that the physiological significance of this enzyme is not yet sufficiently known, we thought it interesting to investigate the morpholog7 of these cells during exposure to CE inhibitors.(More)
It was established that in accordance with certain phases of sexual cycle (menstrual cycle in women and estral cycle in rats) on the background of hormone action at follicular and luteal phase the surface of epitheliocytes acquires specific relief (formation and degradation of microvilli appropriately in first and second halves of the cycle, accordingly).(More)
Scanning electron microscopy showed that the capillary endothelial cells of rats poisoned by O,O-dimethyl-O(2,2-dichlorvinyl) phosphate swell and become wrinkled, while some of the cells acquire fenestrae. In 24 h. these changes become weaker. Mass deformity of erythrocytes was seen at the same time and lasted less than 24 h. Since the capillary endothelium(More)
Distribution of Ca2+ ions, precipitated by means of pyroantimonate potassium, has been investigated electron microscopically in secretory cells of the mammary gland of lactating white mice. In the glandular cells, that are at the state of inhibition of secretory activity, the cytochemical reaction product is localized on the internal side of the basal,(More)
1. A statistically significant decline in specific3H-estradiol bindings by the cytosolic and nuclear-myofibrillar fractions of the uterine tissue of neonatally androgenized rats (25, 50, and 100 μg testosterone) was demonstrated compared with normal animals of the same age during the stage of estrus. At the same time the magnitude of decline was dependent(More)
Effects of a few pharmacological agents (ouabain, proserine, atropine) upon absorption velocity in intestinal epithelium, were studied in lower vertebrates. Mechanisms of the intestinal epithelium response to osmotic irritants and regulation of this process by the enteric portion of the metasympathetic nervous system, are discussed.
Vascular responses of the mammary gland were studied by means of rheography and measuring skin temperature in breast nursing women. Gradual rise of the mammary gland temperature occurred within the first 5 days after delivery, the increase being less obvious in deficient lactation (oligogalactia). Breast nursing within the first 3 days of lactation caused a(More)