V G Skopichev

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Changes in the ultrastructure of epiphyseal pinealocytes were examined 3 weeks after hypophysectomy in infantile male rats in order to study functional relations of pineal gland with the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system. In hypophysectomized animals the functional activity of pineal secretory cells was found to decrease. Besides, the symptoms of suppression(More)
By means of scanning microscopy the relief of luminal surface of endotheliocytes, lining microvessels of various parts of the brain in the Pusa sibirica, Phoca vitulina and Delphinapterus leucas have been studied. Specialized formations of the cellular surface--various processes, projections, toruli have been revealed; their character in various parts of(More)
The normal and the pathologically changed human myometrium was cultured in the diffusion chamber implanted in the subcutaneous cellular tissue of the rat. In the absence of hormonal influence the growth of myometrium culture is only insignificant, while no myoma cell growth was found at all. Estradiol stimulates the growth and development of the myometrium(More)
A scanning electron microscope study of the Swiss 3T3 cell surface topography was made in association with changes in proliferative activity. On the phase of logarithmic growth the cell shape is similar to that of an actively migrating fibroblast. When the growth promoting factors are depleted, the cells are seen spread and forming numerous cell-to-cell(More)
The data on distribution of cholinesterase activity in smooth myocytes of the mammary ducts and in the tissue of normal and pathologically altered myometrium are presented. In the myometrium tumorous tissue, as demonstrate hystochemical investigation results, terminals of the nervous fibers are practically absent, while in the norm they are present in the(More)
The light optic investigation has been performed on the 10th--15th days of lactation. The enzymatic activity has been determined by Burt method (1971). The product of histochemical reaction is revealed in the secretory cell and in the basal parts of the alveoli, that corresponds to location of myoepithelial cells. Localization of the reaction product in the(More)
Cholinesterase (ChE) localization in the alveolar compartment of the mammary gland has been studied by light microscopy and ultrahistochemical methods. The product of reaction to ChE is associated with micropinocytotic vesicles of the capillar endothelium and myoepithelial cells, separate nerve terminals in interalveolar connective tissue and perivascular(More)
By method of scanning electron microscopy erythrocyte structure was studied in rats in carbophos poisoning. Following up to 76% acetylcholinesterase inhibition with distinct symptoms of intoxication nearly 30% of erythrocytes were deformed and tended to aggregate. Observation of blood circulation in vessels of pia mater revealed formation of erythrocyte(More)
With scanning and transmission electron microscopy characteristic changes in the endothelial lining of myometrial vessels of uterus affected with myoma were revealed. In the presence of longitudinally oriented folds and microgrowths on the luminal surface in a healthy myometrial part, a number of changes were observed in the myoma vessels. These included(More)