V. G. Samsonova

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Functional characteristics of responses of tectal neurons in the frog and the primary visual cortex of the cat obtained under indentical experimental conditions during changes in the brightness and duration of flashes within the range of 6 log units were compared. In frogs most units have short summation times and relatively lower thresholds; the response(More)
During her work with scientific periodicals, Vladimirskaya gained much experience in publishing, mastering several specialties, and familiarized herself with all the stages of printing, showing a keen interest in technical matters and the design of the journal. In 1972, Vladimirskaya graduated from the Editorial and Publishing Faculty of the Moscow Academy(More)
The characteristics of neurons in Area 17 of the visual cortex in cats were investigated by extracellular recording of their activity. Unit responses to flashes modulated by intensity and duration (100 µsec-1 sec) were recorded. Of 80 neurons tested, 67.6% were spontaneously active and 32.4% were silent. The threshold responses of the neurons to flashes(More)