V. G. R. Chandran

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Video surveillance systems are becoming an indispensable tool in today's environment, particularly for security related applications. Surveillance footage is often routinely used to identify faces of criminals " caught in the act " or for tracking individuals in a crowded environment. Most face images captured with these systems however, are small and(More)
This paper presents an object tracking system that utilises a hybrid multi-layer motion segmentation and optical flow algorithm. While many tracking systems seek to combine multiple modalities such as motion and depth or multiple inputs within a fusion system to improve tracking robustness, current systems have avoided the combination of motion and optical(More)
Collaborative research and development (R&D) activities between public universities and industry are of importance for the sustainable development of the innovation ecosystem. However, policymakers especially in developing countries show little knowledge on the issues. In this paper, we analyse the level of university–industry collaboration in Malaysia. We(More)
An image coding technique called importance coding is developed to improve the interpretability versus bit-rate performance for an image compression system. The term interpretability is a subjective image quality measure of the content recognition performance by human observers. Importance coding aims to improve the image interpretability by optimising the(More)
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