V. G. Nyrkova

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In e a r l i e r published work we repor ted the prepara t ion of a new he te roeyc l i c sys tem, 3 ,4-diazaphenoxazine [1], the prepara t ion of 10-alkyland 10-dia lkylaminoalkyl-2-chloro-3,4-diazaphenoxazine [2, 3], 2-cycloalkylamino-3,4-diazaphenoxazine [4, 5], and cer ta in other der ivat ives [6, 7, and 8]. In the p resen t communicat ion a method is(More)
8-Methyl-2,3,3a,4,5,6-hexahydro-IH-pyrazino[3,2,l-j,k]carbazole hydrochloride (Ia), known in the medical practice under ~he name "pyrazidol" is an effective antidepressant [2, 4]. We found in in vitro exper$ments that pyrazidol inhibits the growth of tuberculosis mycobacteria (M. tuberculosis of the human type H37Rv). We studied a series of N-substituted(More)
The s t ruc tu re of the dihydropyridazinobenzoxazepines (IHa-h) was confi rmed by mass spect roscopy. The intensi t ies of the pr inciple peaks in the mass spec t r a of compounds IHa-h (M : M+2) were in the ra t io of 3 : 1, indicating the p r e sence of one chlor ine atom. The der iva t ives rrra-h were v e r y stable to e lec t ronic bombardment and in(More)
6 N i t r o ( IVa) and 3 -me thy l 6 -n i t r obenzoxazo lones (IVb) were obta ined from benzoxazolone by a known method [3, 4], (IVb) was converted by alkaline hydrolysis into the corresponding 4-nitro-o-aminophenol, which without isolation was condensed directly in alcoholic solution with 3,4,6-trichloropyridazine. The diazaphenoxazines (IIe) and (IIf)(More)
Chlorosulfonat• of 2,10-disubsti tuted 3,4-diazaphenoxazines ( I ) , which were synthesized by a method which we developed in [1], gave the 7-sulfonyl chlorides of I ( I I ) , which were treated, without being isolated, with ammonia or dialkylamines to give the 7-sulfonamides or 7-N,N-dialkylsulfonamides of the 2,10-disubstituted 3,4-diazaphenoxazines(More)
Z. P. Khavronina and A. P. Gilev, Izv. Sib. Otd. Akad. Nauk SSSR. Ser. Biol. Nauk, No. 10(2), 128 (1968). B. M. Askew, Life Sci., No. 10, 725 (1963). Z. P. Gureeva and A. P. Gilev, Farmakol . Toksikolo, No. 2, 159 (1974). S. J . Corne, R. W. Pieker ing, and B. T. Warner , Br . J . Pharmacol . , 20, 106 (1963). A. P. Gilev, A. I. Terekhina , E. I. Tarasova ,(More)
b) P, ~t~tl, : N--(..;zH~O : N':H b) N ~ C H 3 : R I ~ , . ~ G I I 3 ; P( ' jG:HsO e) t~ = (OH-..,~ J I',CH(,c-: N:~OH:(-)-. : t:(:qt c) R = G}I'~:PQN . j~I, f-CH5 : N'--C1 d) I:~-H : N-:CI : N ~ H d) N=OHs:N'=OOH,CHZlt(O.Hs?Z: ~=O1 z e) R =on?: I:~-= el. N : H e) I::I=/CHi,3J'f(OHz',\ : t ; l ' I I ~ l i C H 5 :,a=CI f) R=(CHz'?J(OH-~!2~ ~ : O l : ~ H f)(More)
In the fu r the r s e a r c h for subs tances pos se s s ing pharmaco log ica l act ivi ty, we synthes ized der iva t ives of 3 ,4-d iazaphenoxazine with the genera l f o rmu la IV. It was es tabl i shed that 2 c h l o r o 1 0 a l k y l or 2ch lo ro -10-d ia lky laminoa lky l -3 ,4 -d iazaphenoxaz ine (I) is conver ted into the cor responding 2 o x o 3 a e(More)
5-Phenylfurfural Oxime Acetate (Ib). Compound (Ib) was obtained by a method similar to that described above, yield 82%, mp 60-94 ~ (fro~ alcohol). Found, %: C 68.29; H 4.66. CI~H9NOa. Calculated, %: C 68.12; H 4.80. PMR spectrum (in deuterochloroform), ppm: mixture of isomers (65% syn and 35% anti) Hal d 8.16 (syn), 7.72 (anti); 6 COCH3 2.14 (syn), 2.22(More)