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Measurement of an antigenic response to the aphthovirus infection-associated antigen (VIA), the viral RNA polymerase 3D(pol), is frequently used as a discriminating assay for the extent of viral replication in animals. In practice, animals seropositive for VIA are assumed to have been exposed to live virus, although in fact it is suspected that endogenous(More)
The data on Marburg virus resistance to freeze-drying in the presence of protective media and on a decrease in the freeze-dried virus biological activity at positive and negative temperatures are presented. Using the results of the experiments, kinetic parameters of virus thermoinactivation were determined for long-term storage at 20 and 37 degrees C. The(More)
The level of specific antibodies in the blood of Cercopithecus aethiops monkeys with experimental Marburg hemorrhagic fever appreciably affects the incidence of lethal outcomes in immunized animals infected with Marburg virus. This effect manifests starting from the titers as low as just 1:100. The level of humoral immunity with the specific antibody titer(More)
IBC-3 computer-based automated system was used to analyze the cardiotocograms obtained in the course of 40 induced labors. Labor was induced by amniotomy in Group 1 parturients, by a combined method (amniotomy followed by i.v. droplet infusions of oxytocin and enzaprost) in Group 2 patients. No significant differences between the two groups were observed.(More)
A method for the production of Marburg virus in preparative amounts has been developed. It is based on sedimentation of the virus from blood plasma of infected guinea pigs by ultracentrifugation followed by purification in sucrose density gradient or gel chromatography on macroporous glass sorbents. The optimal terms of blood collection in infected animals(More)
Cardiotocograms were studied in 40 women during timely labor with the use of Nedezhda MKP-01 fetal monitor with real-time automated processing of the following parameters: fetal basal heart beat rate, amplitude and length of decelerated heart beat rate, amplitude and frequency of oscillations of heart beat rate, time of delayed deceleration minimum with(More)
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