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In this article recent advances in the Marker and Cell (MAC) method will be reviewed. The MAC technique dates back to the early 1960s at the Los Alamos Laboratories and this article starts with a historical review, and then a brief discussion of related techniques. Improvements since the early days of MAC (and the Simplified MAC – SMAC) include automatic(More)
This paper presents numerical simulations of incompressible fluid flow problems in the presence of a magnetic field. The equations governing the flow consist of the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid motion coupled with Maxwell´s equations of electromagnetics. The study of fluid flows under the influence of a magnetic field and with no free electric charges(More)
In the computation of turbulent flows via turbulence modeling, the treatment of the convective terms is a key issue. In the present work, we present a numerical technique for simulating two-dimensional incompressible turbulent flows. In particular, the performance of the high Reynolds κ-ε model and a new high-order upwind scheme (adaptative QUICKEST by(More)
The simulation of fluid flow problems involving strong convective character is a difficult problem to be solved and has attracted many researchers in the CFD community. In this scenario, we present in this work a new polynomial upwind scheme, called SDPUS-C1, for numerical solution of conservation laws and related fluid dynamics problems. The scheme is(More)
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