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A theoretical framework for the electron field emission from carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is discussed. Using the tunneling theory, the influence of the detailed electron energy dispersion is proven to be of little importance for the electron field emission. By means of numerical computations in a simplified model, the influence of the environment on the local(More)
In a study with healthy volunteers (6 monozygotic and 4 dizygotic twin pairs) we followed up diazepam serum levels and psychotropic effects of diazepam after single-dose administration. We found that pharmacokinetic properties of diazepam as well as its influence on memory and performance are probably not under genetic control. On the other hand, genetic(More)
A single dose of clomipramine, 10 mg i.v., or desipramine, 25 mg i.m., was administered to seven healthy young sibling pairs in a randomized cross-over experiment. The response of serum growth hormone, prolactin and cortisol was measured. The main findings were (1) sex differences in the growth hormone and cortisol response to desipramine and (2) a(More)
Temperature-dependent light-emitting and current–voltage characteristics of multiple-quantum well (MQW) InGaN/GaN blue LEDs were measured for temperature ranging from 100 to 500 K. The measurement results revealed two kinds of defects that have pronounced impact on the electroluminescent (EL) intensity and device reliability of the LEDs. At low-temperature(More)
In view of the finding that dopamine is the principle neurotransmitter in the retina, an attempt was made to demonstrate dopaminergic receptor blockade by means of electroretinography. In an open experimental setting, the effect of 50 mg thioridazine was compared with that of placebo in 2 groups of 10 normal volunteers. In the placebo group, the post-drug(More)