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Vibration biomechanical stimulation as the physiological basis of vibration physical exercises (whole body vibration) causes reflecting muscle contractions like tonic vibration reflex. This type of intervention leads to high intensive stimulation of proprioceptors as called muscle spindles which result in alteration in parameters of activity and(More)
Hip bone mineral density (BMD) and serum markers of bone turnover during drug (antiresorptic medicaments) and non-drug (acceleration training) therapy in elderly women suffering from postmenopausal osteoporosis has been investigated. The hip BMD measured in elderly women after a 24-week antiresorptic therapy (alendronate) and increased by 2.01%. 24-week(More)
Power spectral analysis of inspiratory discharges of C3-C5 ventral roots in brainstem-spinal cord preparation from foetal (18 and 20 gestation days) and newborn (0-1 and 2-3 postnatal days) rats was performed. The respiratory centre perinatal development manifests itself by decreasing of respiratory rhythm variability and increasing of inspiratory burst(More)
Microiontophoretic application of H+ and H+ + HCO-3 to optically monitored multipolar neurons in the caudal and intermediate bulbar chemosensitive areas increased their firing rate and induced discharges in previously "silent" neurons. A reverse effect occurred in some cases. An interrelationship was revealed between changes of the neurons redox-state and(More)
  • V F Piatin
  • 1988
The article describes a simple floating hydraulic micromanipulator of original construction which works in positive-positive pressure and provides maximum stability of the microelectrode tip concerning the neuron in the moving brain. This work is achieved by fixing of the micromanipulator on the hinged suspension bracket and by setting of it on the surface(More)