V. F. Montagner

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This paper provides necessary and sufficient finite dimensional linear matrix inequality conditions to compute linearly parameter-dependent state feedback controllers ensuring quadratic stability for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems. The proposed conditions are stated as progressively less conservative sets of linear matrix inequalities based on an extension of(More)
This paper addresses the problems of stabilization and H<inf>&#8734;</inf>control by means of state feedback parameter-dependent gains applied to discrete-time linear systems whose matrices are affected by arbitrarily time-varying parameters belonging to a polytope. The solution of the proposed design conditions, written as a finite set of linear matrix(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a discrete controller for grid-connected voltage-source inverters with an <i>LCL</i> filter usually found in wind power generation systems. First, a theorem that relates the controllability of the discrete dynamic equation of the inverter with <i>LCL</i> filter and the sampling frequency is derived.(More)
This paper presents some general results concerning the existence of homogeneous polynomial solutions to parameter-dependent linear matrix inequalities whose coefficients are continuous functions of parameters lying in the unit simplex. These results are useful in the context of robust analysis and synthesis of parameter-dependent feedback gains(More)
This paper addresses the problem of parameter dependent state feedback control (i.e. gain scheduling) for linear systems with parameters that are assumed to be measurable in real time and are allowed to vary in a compact polytopic set with bounded variation rates. A new sufficient condition given in terms of linear matrix inequalities permits to determine(More)
This paper proposes convex conditions to design parameter-dependent (i.e. gain-scheduled) state feedback controllers that ensure closed-loop stability with H<sub>&#x0221E;</sub>, performance for linear systems affected by time-varying parameters that belong to a polytope and have bounded time-derivatives. The conditions, based on homogeneous polynomially(More)
The design of state feedback gain-scheduled controllers for linear parameter-varying systems with saturating actuators is addressed in the paper. The parameters can vary arbitrarily fast inside a polytope with known vertices. Sufficient conditions for the existence of gain-scheduled controllers assuring asymptotic stability for initial conditions inside a(More)
This paper provides finite dimensional convex conditions to construct homogeneous polynomially parameter- dependent Lur'e functions which ensure the stability of nonlinear systems with state-dependent nonlinearities lying in general sectors and which are affected by uncertain parameters belonging to the unit simplex. The proposed conditions are written as(More)
This paper addresses the design of a switched controller that guarantees a performance based on pole location specifications for an uninterruptible power supply system with a typical load. Sufficient conditions in terms of linear matrix inequalities are presented in order to determine a switched state feedback control law that assures: i) the pole location(More)
This paper addresses the stability of discrete controlled grid connected voltage source inverters with LCL-filter usually found in wind power generation systems. First a theorem that relates the controllability of the discrete dynamic equation with the LCL-filter parameters and the sampling frequency is derived. Then, a robust partial state feedback design(More)