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All 315 perinatal deaths in Nassau County in 1973 were reviewed by a panel of obstetric and pediatric perinotolegists. Preventability, based on the presence or absence of factors which would have materially lessened the risk of death, was delineated for each perinatal death. Perinatal death rates (PDR) and preventable perinatal death rates (PPDR) were(More)
A patient with a triplet pregnancy had one infant affected by anencephalus. This pregnancy resulted from ovulation stimulation by gonadotropins. Several cases of association between anencephalus and induction of ovulation by clomiphene have been reported. The association with gonadotropins, however, has been reported only once. The event was prenatally(More)
A systematic and comprehensive review of all 320 perinatal deaths occurring in Nassau County in 1973 reveals that one-quarter of these deaths might have been prevented if modalities of care that were known and available at that time had been utilized appropriately. Preventability--the presence or absence of avoidable factors which might have materially(More)
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