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We present in this paper an algorithm that locates similar words common to a set of strings deened over an alphabet , where the similarity is stated in terms of a Levenshtein edit distance. The comparison of the words in the strings is realized by using a reference object called a model which is a word over. This allows us to perform a multiple comparison(More)
In this paper, we present an algorithm to find three-dimensional substructures common to two or more molecules. The basic algorithm is devoted to pairwise structural comparison. Given two sets of atomic coordinates, it finds the largest subsets of atoms which are "similar" in the sense that all internal distances are approximately conserved. The basic idea(More)
This paper synthetizes a series of works on the subject of multiple sequence comparison viewed as a combinatorial problem. The basic approach consists in searching for similar words that are common to a set of strings representing biological sequences or structures. Although this may be considered as a rst step to multiple alignment procedures, the scope of(More)
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