V Engelstad

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Forty outpatients were evaluated for psychotherapy with a modified version of Sifneos' selection criteria for brief dynamic psychotherapy. Reliabilities were acceptable for most items when the ratings of 4 clinical judges were averaged. A factor analysis of the reliable items produced four of the five dimensions of suitability proposed by Sifneos and(More)
Psychoanalytic theory holds that dynamic insight is used for self-observation and self-analysis during and after explorative therapy. Such self-analysis is held to lead to stable dynamic change. Within a sample of 43 moderately disturbed out-patients, pre-treatment level of insight was associated with treatment length, with not being an early or late(More)
The authors examined whether persistent analysis of the patient-therapist relationship in brief dynamic psychotherapy favorably affects long-term dynamic change in patients initially deemed suitable for such treatment. As in common practice, 22 highly suitable patients were given a high number of transference interpretations per session. A comparison group(More)
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