V E Rosso di san Secondo

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Haemolytic assay for C8 revealed its association in functionally active form with washed human platelets. Platelet-bound C8 haemolytic activity was inhibited by F(ab')2 anti-C8 and was undetectable in the platelet suspension obtained from three C8 deficient patients. Incubation of platelets from C8 deficient individuals in normal plasma did not restore C8(More)
From dialyzable leucocyte extracts (DLE) we have purified a hydrophilic low-mol. wt. factor (about 1 kDa) which we have named lymphocytic suppressor factor (LSF) as it is able to suppress antigen- and mitogen-induced lymphocyte transformation and to prolong allograft survival in C57b/6N mice (H-2b) transplanted with fully mismatched skin from C3H/HeN mice(More)
The in vitro turnover of the receptor for the third component of complement (C3) was studied in normal peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) and in lymphoblastoid cells from established cell cultures of both "normal" and "malignant" origin. The turnover was evaluated by studying i) the disappearance rate of the C3-receptor in cells in which the protein(More)
The red cell-monocyte assay (RMA), which has been used to evaluate the clinical significance of red cell (RBC) antibodies, was employed to test the effect of the dialyzable leukocyte extract (DLE) on in vitro adherence to monocytes of human RBCs coated with alloantibodies or autoantibodies. The total association index (TAI) of the RMA, expressing the number(More)