V. E. Rodoman

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Antibiotic sensitivity of 486 strains of grampositive and gramnegative organisms isolated from patients with purulent infections was studied in vitro. Gentamicin was shown to be highly active as compared to kanamycin and other antibiotics against the main causative agents of purulent inflammatory infections including multiresistant E. coli, Proteus, Ps.(More)
The study demonstrated that lactusan (lactulose) could be used as an effective remedy in dysbacteriosis. Twenty four sick children aged 1 month to 15 years were examined. Administration of lactusan to 21 patients resulted in perceptible improvement of clinical symptoms, mainly to the cessation of diarrhea. In 14 children an increase in the population level(More)
In r ecen t y e a r s cl inicians have made inc reas ing use of l abo ra to ry methods of diagnoisis of pye lonephr i t i s and, in pa r t i cu l a r , of the detect ion of b a c t e r i u r i a as the e a r l i e s t and often the only sign of this d i s ea se . However , the absence of a c l ea r idea of the genesis of b a c t e r i u r i a has p reven(More)
Magnetolaserotherapy (impulse power 3.6-15.2 mW, 10-50 mT) in rabbits with acute pyelonephritis resulted in significant improvement against the responses in the control group. Histologically, this appeared as exudation phase reduction, more rapid proliferation, replacement of the inflammation focus for granulation tissue.