V. E. Kamensky

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Associations between anthropometric indices of obesity and breast cancer risk may fail to capture the true relationship between excess body fat and risk. We used dual-energy-X-ray-absorptiometry- (DXA-) derived measures of body fat obtained in the Women's Health Initiative to examine the association between body fat and breast cancer risk; we compared these(More)
1 S troke is the fourth leading cause of mortality in the United States, and women account for 60% of all US stroke cases. 1 Women also have a higher lifetime risk of stroke than men. 2 There is interest in studying lifestyle factors, such as diets rich in potassium, that may reduce stroke risk. Evidence from prospective studies suggests that higher dietary(More)
A body shape index (ABSI) has been proposed as a possible improvement over waist circumference (WC) as a marker of abdominal adiposity because it removes the correlation of WC with body mass index (BMI) and with height. We assessed the association of ABSI with four obesity-related cancers compared to that of other anthropometric measures of adiposity. We(More)
Many problems of distributed object-oriented applications can be uniformly resolved in the frame of approach based on the concept of cover. The cover is defined as an environment which transparently controls all aspects of object's community life: creation, interaction etc. To enable transparency, an object-oriented application must obey a principle of late(More)
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