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Petridou et al. [1] have reported an increase in infant leukemia in Greek children born between 1/7/86 and 31/12/87 and have linked this increase to in utero radiation exposure due to the Chernobyl accident. Subsequently, Michaelis et al. [2] have reported a similar trend for Germany but found that it was not correlated to the levels of contamination. For(More)
The design and the results of testing of an explosive device forming a current pulse of quasi-trapezoidal shape with the given amplitude and duration in the liner load are presented. A need for such devices was caused by a necessity to compare the experimental data obtained on the gas guns with the results of the experiments with a magnetic drive of the(More)
This paper considers the scheme to supply the MAGO chamber with the help of all inductive shunt. In this scheme the time of flow of the preliminary supply current is reduced as compared with the scheme using the explosive closing switch. When supplying the plasma chamber by the helical EMG. the current of preliminary supply is commutated by the closing(More)
In plasma chamber experiments on magnetized Plasma preheating in MAG0 system I 1 1 fast operating helical explosive magnetic generators (HF.HG) are used as a Power source . The generator are Provided with special explosive current opening switches to increase Power and output energy of the source. In work C 2 1 we have considered some investigation data of(More)
IN THE MAGNETIC IMPLOSION SYSTEM MAGO A. M. Buyko, V. K. Chernyshev, V. A. Demidov, Yu. N. Dolin, S. F. Garanin, V. A. Ivanov, V. P. Korchagin, M. V. Lartsev, V. I. Mamyshev, A . P. Mochalov, V. N. Mokhov, I. V. Morozov, N. N. Moskvichev, E. S. Pavlovsky, S. V. Pak, S. V. Trusillo, G. I. Volkov, V. B. Yakubov, V. V. Zmushko All-Russian Institute of(More)
A joint US/Russian Advanced Liner Technology experiment ALT-1 was conducted to simulate the anticipated performance of the Atlas capacitor bank. A disk-explosive magnetic generator and foil opening switch were used to produce an electrical current waveform that reached a peak value of 32.5 MA and that imploded an aluminum liner to an inner surface velocity(More)
On the basis of the investigation of unstable chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes of Chernobyl accident emergency workers, of residents of the contaminated areas, of patients with blood diseases and of donor's blood irradiated in vitro it is stated that presence of unstable chromosome aberrations such as dicentrics in lymphocytes of(More)
Data on the incidence of acute leukemia (AL) in children in the Byelorus Republic is analysed and comparisons made between the incidence of AL prior and subsequent to the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The Byelorus Republic was directly and heavily contaminated at that time and careful records of the incidence of cases of AL and other malignancies have since(More)
The paper presents the results of application of the explosive magnetic pulsed power source (EMPPS), in the first experiments studying the spallation mechanisms of the solid substances damage under conditions of converging axisymmetric geometry of loading of samples by the impact of the cylindrical liner driven to a velocity of 0,2-1 km/s.
The paper describes a transportable neutron generator made on the basis of electric-discharge chamber with plasma focus powered by an explosive current source. The electric-discharge chamber of Meiser type, the explosive current source consisting of a small-size helical explosive magnetic generator and the current opening switch are used. The explosive(More)