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The d iscovery of new drugs is very t ime-consuming and entails great labor expenses in the synthesis and in the biological tes t ing of numerous chemical variat ions in the s t ructure of the prototype used as a basis for r e sea rch . Only in r a r e cases (in the sysnthesis of enzyme antagonists and the creat ion of new antimetabolites) is the(More)
In our opinion, the further development of the approach examined in this paper may entail the substantial expansion, accumulation, and systematization of accurate experimental spectroscopic and calorimetric data on the thermodynamic characteristics of the interaction of various pairs of donors and acceptors in the gas phase and in inert media, as well as(More)
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The overwhelming major i ty of investigations on the link between s t ruc tu re and act ivi ty of chemical compounds a re of a r e t rospec t ive nature, i .e. , they c lar i fy regular i t ies among compounds a l ready studied. There is substantial in te res t in the investigation of the possibi l i ty of forecas t ing the act ivi ty of compounds(More)
The prediction of the biological activity of compounds by means of a computer has recently obtained increased acceptance. The use of a data bank containing data on the structure and biological activity enables predicting with definite probability the character of the biological activity of compounds which have not yet been investigated, and also the(More)
In an investigation of the antimicrobial activity of organosilicon amines [1-4] we observed that compounds containing methyldibutylsilyl groupings in the y position relative to the nitrogen atom have high fungistatic activity. Having a large collection of data on the antimicrobial activity of primary, secondary, and tertiary aliphatic and heterocyclic(More)