V. E. Chistyakov

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The analysis of a critical current density in a railgun in dependence on physical properties of electrode materials, parameters of railgun and plasma piston [1] shows that an efficient acceleration of a projectile is difficult to be realized without erosion of electrodes. This conclusion has been confirmed by visual studies of the electrode surfaces in the(More)
To a solution of 7.55 g (0.035 mole) of 6-APA in a mixture of 60 nal of a 15~0 solution of sodium bicarbonate and 40 ml acetone, cooled to I0 ~ 7 g (0.032 mole) of II in 14 ml acetone is added over a period of 30-40 nain. The reaction mixture is then shaken for 20 rain at 10-13 ~ The organic impurities are extracted with two portions of ethyl acetate, each(More)
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