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Ted Nelson coined the word " hypertext " and developed the concept that goes along with it, one that underpins multimedia computing, electronic literature, and the World Wide Web. However, as the contents of this essay reveal, Nelson' s vision was in some ways far different—his thinking much more general, and his proposals significantly more advanced—than(More)
The presence of two distinct T-cell receptors (TCR) alpha/beta dimers or gamma/delta dimers, was systematically analyzed in peripheral blood lymphocytes form 26 recipients of allogeneic bone marrow transplants for leukemia. When using monoclonal antibody WT31, which recognizes a common epitope on the alpha/beta heterodimer, the expansion of peripheral CD3+,(More)
This paper describes a system called SATURNE (Synchronous AnyTime coUpling for Real-time reasoNing dEsign), which constitutes a framework for designing intelligent time critical systems. The model involves a mixed (synchronous/asynchronous) programming approach built around a strong synchronous formalism for the expression of critical timing constraints,(More)
In the present study, we developed human non-MHC-restricted CTL clones from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells activated in vitro with recombinant IL 2 and subsequently expended with PHA. The CD3/Ti+ clones were selected for their ability to exhibit non-MHC-restricted CTL reactivity by killing various tumor cell lines in culture, including the line(More)
We have investigated the effects of supernatants from human placenta explant cultures on lymphokine dependent T cell proliferation using mainly the CTLL-2 reference murine cell line. A profound, dose dependent, inhibition of both IL-2 and IL-4-dependent cell proliferation was observed. In addition, supernatants from human placental cultures inhibited B cell(More)
A reconfigurable parallel architecture whose interconnection topology can be dynamically modified in order to match the communication characteristics of a given algorithm provides flexibility for efficient execution of various applications. But, due to communication links switching devices design constraints, connecting a large number of processors on a(More)
LFA-1, Mac-1, and p150,95 are a family of functionally important leucocyte integrins that share a common beta-subunit and participate in cellular adhesion. Monoclonal antibody to LFA-1 were described to block T-cell-mediated killing by inhibiting adhesion to target cells and to decrease T cell responses by preventing cell-cell contact. Recently it was(More)
In the present study we describe one CD2+CD3+ clone termed DS6 which expressed neither CD4 nor CD8 differentiation antigens and failed to react with WT31, a monoclonal antibody directed against the T cell antigen receptor alpha/beta heterodimer. This clone was isolated from peripheral blood T lymphocytes of a patient with a prolonged immunodeficiency after(More)
A small percentage of circulating CD3+ cells express a heterodimeric gamma delta receptor. Most of these cells do not express the surface marker CD4 and only a fraction of them bear CD8 molecules. The specificity and function of TCR-gamma delta are unclear. We obtained a murine mAb produced against an IL-2-dependent human T cell clone defining a novel(More)
The cell surface expression of alpha:beta heterodimer was studied using WT31 monoclonal antibody, in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) from a patient who developed a prolonged immunodeficiency after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. This patient, grafted for chronic myelogenous leukemia, received T cell depleted bone marrow from her HLA, A, B, D(More)